Too Much Work, Not Enough Purpose!

The name of my company is PurposeWorks. I named it that because I believe that living on purpose is what works, what makes a real difference in the world. And because the work of the company is to help people live their purpose and achieve their hopes and dreams. I focus on helping people with breakthroughs because I believe that being stuck is what stops people from living their purpose and creating a better world.

People get stuck for many different reasons, but the one thing that is true for almost all of us is somewhere along our path in life, we got derailed and stuck. It usually happens around some kind of fear – like staying stuck in a terrible job because of fear around not being able to pay the bills. Or staying in a relationship that is OK but not truly wonderful because of fear about being alone.

I’ve been stuck for the past year (as you can tell by my lack of blog entries) because I have been afraid of doing the wrong thing, of making a mistake, and of being a failure. Yuck! It feels terrible. I have spent the year running around like a crazy person, trying to generate enough business to pay my bills. I lost track of my purpose (to help people resolve their fears, get unstuck, and live happier more enjoyable lives), and instead got totally buried in my own fears around all this.

So of course, I got stuck. My business wasn’t growing, I kept trying different kinds of running around to make it work, and the more I tried, the less it worked. I have decided to call this “trudging along on the Treadmill of Trying”. Not fun.

This year, I am going to take my own advice (concept!) and address my fears. I’m going to acknowledge that I am afraid, and that I am also exceptionally capable. I have helped my clients make powerful changes in their lives. I can make powerful changes in my life. I am going to make mistakes along the way and it won’t kill me. I am capable of moving forward – in spite of my fear – because no one is served by my failure to live my purpose. And that is much more important than any mistake I might make along the way.

Where is fear holding you back? Ready to take action anyway? Please respond to this post and let me know what’s working for you. We can all benefit from supporting each other. Let’s do this!

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