Breakthroughs And Integration – Both Are Valuable

Breakthroughs Can Happen Quickly!

I talk about being a breakthrough coach – and I am. It is definitely a specialty skill. And it happens quickly – usually in one session or so. Maybe a few more if the challenge is particularly complex and multi-layered. But the point is – it doesn’t take long to achieve a breakthrough.

So I say (truthfully) that I quickly help people who are stuck blast through those brick walls and get back on track to achieving their hopes and dreams. Very cool! And the people I help are amazed by the results. They come into my office looking all down and discouraged. And they leave looking ready to take on the world. I love doing this kind of work because it is so wonderful to see those kinds of results.

But True Success Takes More Than Just A Breakthrough

But what about integration? At least that is what my business coach keeps telling me. She says I am doing a disservice to my clients if all I do is see them once or twice to get them unstuck and back on track. She says people need more help than just a breakthrough. They need ongoing support and guidance, responsibility and accountability for implementing that breakthrough.

I understand her point but I kept thinking – if my clients get stuck again later on down the road, won’t they just come back? Because they had such a powerful and effective session with me before? It was a good thought, but in reality it doesn’t work like that.

Integration Of The Breakthrough Is Also Necessary

To have a truly effective breakthrough, there needs to be more than just that amazing “a-ha” moment. Yes, that moment of clarity is powerful, energizing, and motivating. But then life intervenes. People go back to their lives, their work, their families. The clarity may remain, but the support and guidance to make sure those realizations, those breakthroughs get implemented is missing.

Breakthroughs Create Momentum; Integration Capitalizes On That Momentum

My business coach is right – I am doing a disservice to my clients by not including integration work in my offerings. When a client has a breakthrough and all that previously stuck energy gets released, there is a tremendous amount of momentum that results. My disservice is in not supporting them to make the most of that momentum to implement that breakthrough in their lives as quickly as possible. So that not only do they get back on track to achieving their hopes and dreams but that they also STAY on track and actually achieve them.

Truly Effective Change Efforts Need Both – Breakthroughs AND Integration

So I am going to change my offer to new clients seeking breakthroughs. Because ultimately my greatest joy is to see them achieving what they want to achieve out of life. And when they are stuck, they need both a breakthrough and integration work to ensure they get there.

Change Is Uncomfortable But Necessary To Grow

On one hand, I feel good about this change because it means that my clients will be better served. But on the other hand, I am nervous because it is something new and I don’t yet know how it will be received. But change is like that – uncomfortable sometimes. Pushing buttons I didn’t know I had. Challenging me to continue to grow and evolve. Just like my clients want to do. So here is another wonderful opportunity to take my own advice. 🙂

What Do You Think?

If you were stuck and in search of a breakthrough, would you want support for the integration process afterwards? I would love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts.