I was delighted with the clarity that Kathy Scheiern brought to my problem. She asked sound questions that led me to a precise understanding of the core issue. She made suggestions that encouraged me to think outside the box. And she wasn’t afraid to stay with the confusion until I was satisfied with the results. The problem that had been haunting me for months was dramatically resolved within an hour. I recommend her without reservation.

Catherine Rennert

Partner, Healing Heart and Soul


In all the years and thousands of dollars I have spent on personal growth, counseling, groups, etc., I do not feel that I gained as much as I did with you in one hour last week. We had a direction that we wanted to go based on previous conversation, but as we talked, you adapted quickly and intuitively to go in a direction that was suited to what I needed at that time. I can’t begin to thank you enough. It was the most valuable hour I’ve spent in my life!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alan Hart

Founder and CEO, Round Tuit Home Maintenance


A little over a year ago, I was introduced to Kathy Scheiern and (Purpose Works) by a friend who knew that I was in search of, for lack of a better term, a “Muse”. Having spent most of my professional life in the traditional W-2 world, I was transitioning into the 1099 world and needed help.Kathy was instrumental in helping me truly identify my core competencies and apply them more proactively in the marketplace. She also helped me navigate through the emotional peaks and valleys associated with not only properly structuring a new organization but presenting it in a manner that could contribute towards establishing financial viability. Most of all, I think Kathy afforded me the opportunity to fine tune who I am both personally and professionally. Her instincts, sensitivity, and quick read in understanding the issues at hand are remarkable. I highly recommend to those who are going through change, whether or not it’s of their own volition, to consider what Kathy and Purpose Works have to offer.

Thomas P. Cote

Senior Retirement Consultant, Retirement Revolution


Kathy Scheiern is a highly intelligent, strategically intuitive, and thoughtfully competent professional who brings a wealth of experience to her work, benefitting her clients in every aspect. She successfully works with her clients to identify and solve the problems that are preventing them from achieving their desired results. Kathy uses her many skills and unique perspective to efficiently and effectively provide solutions for situations that have defied traditional problem solving approaches and has done exceptional work for the Board of Directors of the Professional Property Management Association of San Francisco (PPMA) in assisting us with our values survey and strategic planning process. I recommend her without hesitation to any business leader seeking assistance in addressing the many challenges of today’s business environment.

Michelle Horneff-Cohen, Broker, CCRM, MPM(R) RMP(R)

Property Manager and Founder, Property Management Systems


I called Kathy Scheiern when I was having a problem with an employee that was basically taking down my business. Kathy was able to very quickly assess what was going on, help me define my goals for solving the problem, imagine what I wanted the outcome to be, and implement a strategy for getting there that was clear, quick, and well thought out. I was extremely impressed by Kathy’s vast experience dealing with many different types of people, and really knowing how to handle each type of person and situation, and her “let’s get down to business and get your business functioning better” attitude. 

The outcome couldn’t have been better, and the changes Kathy helped me implement have propelled my business to the next level. Additionally, the advice Kathy gave me for this specific situation has proved effective in many other situations. If you have anything that you want to change in your business, or take your business to the next level, Kathy is one of the best people I have worked with to do just that. She is smart, experienced in a wide variety of issues, and really has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter and providing a solution with grace and excellence. I highly recommend working with Kathy.

Hallie Warshaw

Publisher and Creative Director, Zest Books


Our organization was struggling and in a place of deep conflict on how to proceed. Kathy Scheiern quickly helped us identify clear questions that defined the issue. Through an organizational constellation, we were able to end our struggle, resolve our conflict, and create positive forward movement.

Diana Rice

Chairperson, Board of Directors
, Spiral, a non-profit organization


Thank you for the excellent workshop you facilitated for us at our recent meeting. I have been an active member of our national college of Otolaryngologists for more than 10 years now. During that time we have approached our meetings with our own unique agenda and views. Your values workshop has given all of us a new perspective. I believe for the first time in my tenure we can clearly see where we each fit within our organization and more importantly where our organization has succeeded and where we need to focus our talents. It was remarkable to me that despite our unique perspectives, by the end of our workshop we were united in the action plans we developed. The dialogue that you facilitated for our organization was the most candid and productive conversation I can remember to date. Again let me offer my sincere appreciation for your outstanding workshop.

Wayne K. Robbins

Medical Doctor and Faculty Member


Kathy Scheiern is a gifted facilitator.  I called for some help in working through some very sticky long-standing family issues.  She got right to the heart of the problem and gave me some clear direction on what I needed to do to resolve the issues at hand.  I followed through on her advice and noticed the change in my energy immediately.  Things have opened up in new ways and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I’d recommend her to anyone who’s serious about making positive change in their life.

Kelle Sparta

Owner, Sparta Success Systems


Kathy Scheiern has been working with me on my personal growth for over 12 years. Her capacity to thoughtfully listen from a witnessing stance has allowed me the safety to explore parts of myself that would otherwise be left untapped. Her experience brings her the wisdom to pin point issues and offer solutions that are truly life-altering for the best. Her integrity and non-judgmental attitude creates an atmosphere that is conducive to quick, intensive progress. I will continue to utilize her services as my life continues to change.

Sandy Batts

Artist and Entrepreneur


I have worked with Kathy Scheiern as a mentor. We have engaged in leadership counseling sessions during which time we have often discussed career choices as a reflection of a personal, internal process. I work as a business analyst and project manager for a financial services company. In addition, I serve as board member and co-treasurer for the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. I am a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh School for Public and International affairs. I also participate in various international workshops and conferences attending to the intersection of art and science.

The work that Kathy offers is a vital part of moving forward with these challenges, and balancing the efforts required to succeed. I find the awareness I take from our sessions to be extremely effective when applied to the various professional, academic and non-profit communities that I work in.

Kathy challenges me to communicate with integrity and self-understanding. She stands in our sessions as a questioning voice, one who represents an honest engagement from all involved, present or not. It’s an ongoing process of unfolding and exploring how the self can unfold in the responsibilities and commitments of a busy life.

Andrew Kaiser

Project Manager, 
Financial Services Company


Kathy Scheiern provided clear, concise and insightful advice pertaining to a real life work situation. She gave me not only the steps to take to resolve the situation with one of my direct reports, but also the reasons the situation developed and how to prevent it in the future. With these tools I was able to positively resolve the conflict and build a more productive relationship. In the process, we both grew in our positions with our company and as people. Kathy’s advice was priceless!

Donna Ravenscraft

Executive Assistant,
 LifeCenter Organ Donor Network


At a time of transition and uncertainty, working with Kathy Scheiern was a breath of fresh air. She helped me clarify my direction and bring focus to my efforts.

Dave Lima



I have been doing some sort of self transformational, healing work for almost 15 years but, the work that I have done with Kathy Scheiern both in Systemic Constellation Work and in private one on one coaching sessions has been powerful and deeply transformative. My life has changed in leaps and bounds, how I look at my family, myself and my relationship with money is much more at peace.

Holly Dunn



Kathy Scheiern – the best investment I ever made for my future!

I have to say that Dr. Scheiern helped me in a very significant way. She provided me expert opinion and skills that helped clarify my professional choices. Her use of Values Assessment provided me with a different dimension that I was unaware of… as such, it helped me clarify my choices and made my decision about my professional future much more manageable and attainable. Thanks, I couldn’t have done it without her! I recommend Dr. Scheiern as a Life Coach for any busy professional transforming and making significant decisions for the future.

Judith Kunkle, Ph.D.

Surgical GME Director, 
Assistant Professor in the Practice of Medical Education


Kathy Scheiern’s facilitation of systemic constellation work is filled with compassion. Her competence and caring are what make her one of the best. For any who seek out this type of work, I highly recommend her.

Jeren Hope

Operations Analyst
, Washington, DC


I am thinking of you at the end of this year, thanking and appreciating the difference you have made in my life during only a brief breakfast encounter at the Arizona Conference the previous year. I am starting to reconnect to traditional rituals of my tribe, readapting them to suit my lifestyle and starting to love my life more, bit by bit. It is indeed a process. I have made tremendous professional strives in the past year and know, as the new year approaches fast, that it will include more self-care, self-love and self-allowance.

With deep respect and appreciation,

Esther Schvan


I started with the Wall of Wonders/Historical Scan. It went quite well… they were quite euphoric when they talk about the future demonstrating they are ready to move on and not too hung up with the ‘past’… The people overall were very happy with the occasion and the connection they have established. It’s the first time all of them sit in one room… Your generous support had made this event possible for me and for the 60+ people in the workshop. I Thank You for myself and for all of them!

(commenting on a workshop designed to improve coordination and communication between Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese executives of a recently merged company)

Vivien Pau

Hong Kong Organizational Consultant