Kathy Scheiern, PhD is the brains behind PurposeWorks, a breakthrough coaching and consulting company dedicated to working with individuals and small business owners who have run into brick walls on the road to accomplishing their goals. She helps them blast through those walls and then use the bricks to pave their way forward, getting them back on track to achieving their hopes and dreams.

At PurposeWorks, we believe that individuals and small business owners are the key to a brighter future. So when these people struggle to achieve their goals, getting stopped and frustrated along the way, we all lose something in the process.

Everyone encounters a brick wall or two on their path to success. Blasting through those walls with speed and clarity ensures faster, more effective results.

Kathy has been helping individuals and small business owners break through barriers and accomplish goals for over 20 years. First from within other companies (both large and small) and then from within her own company, PurposeWorks, as a coach and consultant.

She has a broad background that provides her with unique perspectives and experiences to draw upon when assisting her clients. Kathy holds a doctorate in the dynamics of individual and organizational transformation, as well as numerous certifications in a variety of transformational tools and techniques. She uses her background and training to create customized solutions for her clients – because people are unique and need the best answers for their own particular situations.

Kathy is a C.P.A. and a former financial executive who is also a transformational shaman and enjoys creating and conducting ceremonies as a licensed minister!

For over 20 years, Kathy’s passion in life has been to use her skills and abilities to help her clients identify and blast through the barriers keeping them from achieving their hopes and dreams.

Her highest values are integrity, respect, laughter, love, and joy. And her greatest hope is that her work will help increase the frequency with which we all experience these things every day of our lives. Because ultimately, when we break through to greater success and greater joy in our lives, the world is a much better place!

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