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Need a breakthrough? Try this first step!

Kathy Scheiern talks about the frustration of being stuck, and identifies the best first step to take when looking for a breakthrough.

The second step to achieving powerful breakthroughs!

Kathy Scheiern talks about the next step to take in creating an effective breakthrough and getting back on track to success!

The third (and hardest) step to creating the breakthroughs you want!

Kathy Scheiern shares the third step and final to creating powerful breakthroughs. It is a simple idea, but many people find it very difficult to do.

I’m Stuck! Now What?

Kathy Scheiern identifies the biggest reason people get stuck and how to address it.

In the Month of March Spring Fever Strikes!

Kathy Scheiern shares how the changeable month of March can help us accomplish the changes we want to make in our lives.

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Kathy Scheiern talks about how despite the discomfort they bring, April showers and our resistance to them are necessary to bring May flowers and other beautiful things into our lives.

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